About Us

Established in 1978 Nankana Sahib Public School is proud member of Nankana Sahib Education Trust running 16 educational institutions including 11 Schools , Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic, Training College at Kot Gangu Rai, Community Development & Training Centre, Science & Technology Entrepreneur's Park. Ever since its inception it was led by missionaries, visionaries and academicians with a purpose of imparting education to rural children on the public school pattern.

It is a matter of great pride that our students can successfully compete with urban children and can mark their entry into professional colleges and public services. With a sprawling campus spreading over 15 acres of land the school caters to 60 villages around Ludhiana. Affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi Vide Aff. No.1630044 the medium of instruction in the school is English. However languages of Punjabi and Hindi are taught being Regional and National language as compulsory subjects. While following the latest guidelines by CBSE the stress is laid on "learning by doing".

With a spirit of service, the school strives for holistic development of the students . The environment of freedom and personal responsibility provides the students wings of ambition. Looking beyond the geographical boundaries the school arranges international tours on regular basis which provides exposure to the students. Adding to it the school has tie up with 14 universities of Canada for fulfilling the wish of senior students who want to study abroad.

The education is not merely a duty here but an ethical responsibility for us. The emphasis is laid on mutual respect for diverse cultures and faiths . The philosophy of school is based on sympathy and compassion towards the suffering lot of humanity, creating awareness that students of today are leaders of tomorrow in all sphere of life and visualization of change as the pre-requisite for all human beings.

The school curriculum provides a vital role in shaping the students as per the philosophy of the institution. The objective behind this is helping the students to achieve academic excellence, inculcating social skills, emotional maturity, promoting pursuit of knowledge and life long creativity, polishing the aesthetic senses by encouraging students for art, culture and literature. More importantly nurturing among students intellectual flexibility and psychological fortitude so as to open up the minds of our aspirants in fast changing demands of globalization.

For achieving all this, the curriculum design is based on various skills including life skills, artistic, literary and auditory skills. To evaluate students, CCE system is adopted in true spirit .All Students participate through various activities and use Power Point Presentations regularly. Students are actively involved in the learning process. True learning happens only when students think independently. To foster this all the activities and functions of the school are managed and organised by students.